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Have you considered becoming an Egg Donor?

Get paid for giving infertile couples the chance to have a baby.

Become an Egg Donor in Arizona

Donating Your Eggs – The Ultimate Gift

As an anonymous egg donor, a young woman (age 18-32) has the ability to give a priceless gift to another woman (an egg recipient) who wants to enhance her life with a child. Couples who seek pregnancy through the use of donated eggs may have been trying for years without success despite all medical advances. Alternatively, a woman may need donated eggs because her own ovaries have been removed or failed to function prematurely. Some couples need eggs from a donor because they do not want to pass along a genetic disease to their children. We at ARMS are truly committed to making the egg donation process as rewarding and enjoyable an experience as possible. Our Reproductive Endocrinology fellowship trained, Board Certified physicians and nursing staff will be available to assist through the entire egg donation process.

How much will I be compensated?

After being accepted as a donor and completing a donation cycle, you will be compensated $3,500.00. Plus….if you refer a friend who completes a donation cycle at ARMS, we will give you a $250.00 gift card bonus!

Not only will you be financially compensated, but you’ll have the fulfillment of knowing that you’re helping a couple realize their dream of having a baby. It may be one of the most important things you will do in your life!

What’s involved?

To become an egg donor you will go through a series of medical and psychological evaluations to make sure you are healthy both physically and emotionally. Your screening begins with completing this form. If it looks like you may be an egg donor candidate, you will be contacted by our nursing staff who will get more information from you and schedule an in-person consultation if it still looks like you may be a candidate.

If you are approved to be an egg donor, you’ll begin taking fertility medications and injections to stimulate multiple egg production. Once your eggs are mature, they will be removed at our comfortable, private Downtown Phoenix location through a minimally invasive medical procedure. From beginning to end, the egg donation process can take a few months.

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