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Become an Egg Donor

Among the fastest egg donor compensation in the U.S. – receive $5,000 per donation 

You will be compensated within days of donating, as soon as two weeks after you’re approved

Donating your eggs – the ultimate gift

As an anonymous egg donor, a young woman (age 18-32) has the ability to give a priceless gift to another woman (an egg recipient) or couple who may have been trying for years without success to have a baby. A woman may need donated eggs because her own ovaries cannot produce a healthy egg, or she does not want to pass along a genetic complication to her children.

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Egg donor qualifications

To become an egg donor, you must:

  • Be a nonsmoking woman between the ages of 18 and 32 in good medical health.
  • Have both ovaries, regular menstrual cycles that are 26 to 32 days apart, and no history of drug or alcohol abuse.
  • Be within an appropriate BMI (height to weight) range, our donors have a BMI range of between 18-30. 
  • If you screen positive for questions regarding possible exposure to COVID-19, your donation may be delayed one month.
Use this body mass index (BMI) calculator to find your BMI

Why donate with Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists?

We are committed to making the egg donation process as rewarding, enjoyable, and simple an experience as possible. If you’re considering becoming an egg donor, here are some other reasons why you should donate locally with our practice.

Watch Video: Is Egg Donation For Me?

Donate and receive compensation in as little as two weeks

As part of a national egg bank, ARMS can accept egg donors at any time, with the ability to freeze your eggs for future couples in need. Unlike the process of other egg donation clinics or agencies, our donors don’t have to wait to be selected and matched with recipients. So as soon as you’re approved as an egg donor with our practice, you can donate and receive compensation in as little as two weeks.

Donating with our practice keeps prices low for intended parents

The last thing you want to do is hurt the people you are trying to help. When you choose a donor agency, that is exactly what you are doing. Egg donor agencies often pay the egg donor the same compensation we do, but mark up the cost for recipient parents, making fertility treatment significantly more expensive.

In addition to the donor compensation, local agencies and those recruiting in the Phoenix area charge fees of $5,500 or more.

When you have already suffered so much to have a baby, that hurts. We only charge recipients the $5,000 that you receive – not $9,000 or more as egg donor agencies do. At ARMS, donor egg recipient parents only pay the egg donor’s compensation without any markup.

Plus, ARMS is the only fertility clinic in the area participating in a national egg bank service, meaning your donation can help a couple anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, not just locally.

It’s safer for you to donate closer to home

When you donate locally with ARMS, you’ll have our fellowship-trained, board-certified reproductive endocrinologists with over 20 years of experience and expert fertility nursing staff on hand through the entire egg donation process, including monitoring during ovarian stimulation. Should any issues arise, we know exactly how to keep you safe and healthy.

When you donate out of state you’ll likely need to rely on a local physician who isn’t trained in egg donation to deal with complications, and the actual egg retrieval process is conducted out of state. Although higher compensation or chance for travel may be tempting to donate out of state, you’re safer and the process is easier for you when you donate locally.

Plus: Earn $5,000 compensation for your donation and get a $1,000 bonus if you refer a friend who completes a donation cycle.

What’s involved?

  1. Your screening to become an egg donor begins with completing the form below.
  2. If qualified, you will receive a full online application that collects your medical history.
  3. Our staff will review your application and if you’re a qualified candidate, we’ll invite you to our office for medical and psychological evaluation.
  4. Once you are approved to be an egg donor, you’ll begin the donation process as soon as you’re ready. This will include taking fertility medications and injections to stimulate multiple egg production.
  5. Once your eggs are mature, you’ll come to our comfortable, private downtown Phoenix location for a minor minimally invasive procedure to remove the eggs. This includes inserting a needle into the ovary through the vaginal wall to remove the eggs. Our board certified anesthesiologist will give you deep sedation for the procedure to make you as comfortable as possible.

What are the risks?

Your safety as always our primary concern. We are extremely proud of our low rate of complications. You have less than 1 in 1000 chance of a procedure related problem and due to our special approach to ovarian stimulation you have no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, which is the most common and most dangerous complication at other clinics.

Ready to become an egg donor?

Thank you for your interest in our egg donor program. The first step to becoming an egg donor is to complete and submit the pre-screening application.

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