IVF Costs & Pricing


Gentle IVF

Optimal IVF



Estimated medication* cost: $1,450


  • More gentle on your body – lower medication dose
  • More gentle on your schedule – fewer visits
  • More gentle on your wallet – less than half the cost of Optimal IVF

What’s included

Estimated medication* cost: $2,500 to $4,500


  • Medication doses optimized to your body
  • Close monitoring to optimize medication management
  • Optimize egg number to increase success rates by:
    • Increasing number of attempts using frozen embryos
    • Improving embryo selection by morphology and PGS

What’s included

*Many infertility doctors encourage the use of medications sold outside the United States to decrease cost. This is illegal. ARMS only works with reputable US-based pharmacies. We are able to achieve consistent medication savings by using innovative protocols designed to achieve a clinically effective response for significant cost savings to our patients.


Discounts and special pricing available with Optimal IVF

  • Shared Help Program at ARMS
    Shared Help Program at ARMS
    ARMS recognizes that there are individuals who deserve and need the level of excellent care provided at ARMS but do not have the financial resources necessary to pursue IVF treatment. To help, we offer financial assistance based on your financial need to help bridge the gap. Your financial need is determined by an outside company completely independent of ARMS.
  • Shared Hope IVF Program
    Shared Hope IVF Program
    The Shared Hope IVF Program gives patients the opportunity to receive a discount on IVF treatment by donating some of their eggs through Donor Egg Bank USA. This is the most inexpensive IVF program offered within the state of Arizona. Call us at (602) 351-5327 to get started.
  • Non-Refundable IVF Cycle Program
    Non-Refundable IVF Cycle Program
    The affordable $8,900 single IVF cycle is open to all patients and includes an entire IVF cycle, monitoring, egg retrieval and more.
  • IVF Financing Options
    IVF Financing Options
    We offer several fertility treatment and Rx financing options, including Prosper Healthcare, CapexMD, Lending Club, First Steps, WINFertility, & more.
  • Military IVF Discount - $5,500
    Military IVF Discount - $5,500
    Grateful for the service of men & women in the Armed Forces the IVF military discount helps couples build a family with a 52% savings over a single IVF cycle.
  • Comprehensive Refund Program
    Comprehensive Refund Program
    Designed to give patients every opportunity for a baby, while resting easy financially, have a baby or receive 100% of your money back with ARMS' IVF guarantee.
  • First Responder IVF Discount - $5,500
    First Responder IVF Discount - $5,500
    ARMS would like to thank our first responders by offering a single IVF cycle $5,500 discount to all active members of the police and fire departments.
  • Teacher IVF Discount – $5,500
    Teacher IVF Discount – $5,500
    Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists offers an IVF discount to teachers. This program costs $5,500, saving our patients 52% on standard IVF costs.
  • State of Arizona Employee IVF Discount
    State of Arizona Employee IVF Discount
    ARMS is the exclusive provider for infertility services for the state of Arizona employees in Maricopa County, offering a nearly 50% discount on IVF cycles.
  • WINFertility Treatment Discounts
    WINFertility Treatment Discounts
    The WINFertility Treatment Program is offered to ARMS patients without infertility insurance coverage or benefits to pay for fertility treatment.
  • Tell A Friend
    Tell A Friend
    Refer a friend or family member for IVF with ARMS and they will receive a credit. Help others beginning in their infertility journey to achieve pregnancy.