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National Infertility Awareness Week

Dr. Drew Moffitt stops by the “Arizona Daily Mix,” where he joins Lexy Romano to discuss National Infertility Awareness Week. Dr. Moffitt shares his expert advice and insights into fertility care.

When to Seek Fertility Care

Dr. Drew Moffitt stops by the “Arizona Daily Mix,” where he joins Brad Perry to discuss when couples should seek fertility care. Dr. Moffitt provides valuable insight for couples considering delaying or starting their family.

Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients


Dr. Drew Moffitt joins Brad Perry on “Arizona Daily Mix” to discuss fertility preservation and how egg freezing can benefit women diagnosed with cancer.

Egg Freezing

Dr. Moffitt joins Brad Perry on “Arizona Daily Mix” to discuss egg freezing, which is increasing in popularity as a fertility preservation option for younger women.

Embryo Genetic Testing

Dr. Moffitt joins Brad Perry on “Arizona Daily Mix” to discuss embryo genetic testing, also known as preimplantation genetic testing, where an embryo is tested for abnormalities during the IVF process.

ARMS Remarkable Egg Freezing Success Wins Best Clinic Award for Third Year in a Row

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For the third consecutive year ARMS has received Donor Egg Bank (DEB) USA’s Superior Outcomes In Vitrification Egg Freezing Practice Award.

“It’s no surprise to name Arizona Reproductive Medical Specialists (ARMS) as a third-year winner of our top award, as they truly are leaders of vitrification excellence,” said Heidi Hayes, executive vice president of Donor Egg Bank USA (DEB), which bestows the award. “Their remarkable 56.8% clinical pregnancy rate is evidence of their mastery of this highly technical and challenging skill set.”

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COVID-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy

Dr. Moffitt joins Brad Perry on “Arizona Daily Mix” to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine, pregnancy and fertility worries.

Arizona’s New Human Embryo Law

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A new law signed by Gov. Doug Ducey dictates who is allowed to keep frozen embryos after a breakup. This law has the potential to upend any contractual agreements regarding embryos written between husbands and wives or domestic partners.

Listen to Dr. Moffitt Discuss the New Law on KJZZ 91.5

Don’t Lose Hope!

beauties and bibs logoArizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists’ (ARMS) Female Infertility page was featured as an informational resource in the Beauties and the Bibs blog. The post lists some of the many reasons for female infertility, linking to ARMS’ website for more infertility material. The post also speaks to the benefits of using frozen donor eggs as an option when it seems like there may not be any more options for starting a family naturally.

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IVF Financing through WINFertility

WINFertility’s exclusive financing program with ARMS allows patients to save 40% and helps pay for treatment and medications when starting a family.

Compared to Arizona clinics, ARMS total cost of an IVF cycle including medication is up to $6,800 less with WINFertility’s program.

Struggles with Infertility

Dr. Moffitt appears on KTCK with one Arizona couple that struggled with infertility for two years before coming to ARMS, and using in vitro fertilization treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.

Exercise and Infertility

Dr. Drew Moffitt explains the possible risks of vigorous exercise for women trying to become pregnant on one Arizona family.

ARMS Fertility Advancements

Dr. Drew Moffitt of ARMS annouces major advancement in fertility treatment!

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing advancements at ARMS make infertility treatment more affordable.

The Gift of Life from an Egg Donor

Our egg donor patients give the gift of hope.