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Patient Portal

Welcome to the Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS) patient portal

Already established a patient with a portal account? Login here.

Our patient portal allows patients to communicate with ARMS easily, safely and securely. The portal allows patients to:

  • Sign our basic office consent form.
  • Complete our new patient preliminary health questionnaire.
  • Communicate directly with the office.
  • View lab results.
  • Download important documents we’ve shared with you.
  • Request prescription refills.

Patients who utilize our portal no longer have to call the office, leave a message and wait for a call back to get their lab results. If you have a question or concern, leave a message through the portal and receive a prompt reply. If you prefer that we reply to your portal message with a phone call, please indicate in your message.

Set your patient portal before your new patient visit

After making an appointment at ARMS, you’ll receive an email asking you to create your patient portal account. From the introductory email click on the orange “Set Up Portal Account” button.

  1. You’ll be required to verify your cellphone number, via text or voice code.
  2. Create a portal password.
  3. Sign ARMS consent forms.
  4. Under “My Account” update your personal information and additional information sections.
  5. Under “Questionnaires”, complete the surgical, allergy and medical history questionnaires. These must be completed three days prior to your scheduled new patient visit.
  6. Decide if you want a genetic carrier screening lab test.
  7. Need more help setting up your portal? Watch this tutorial video.

After you’ve submitted the Medical History Questionnaire, a member of our team will send a consent packet to sign prior to your new patient visit. One of the forms included is called “Carrier Screening for Genetic Diseases Preconception Consent.” Please complete this consent form to let us know whether or not you elect to undergo genetic carrier screening.