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Video Testimonials

This Procedure Was Exactly What I Needed

Amanda knew she wanted to have a larger family, but it wasn’t happening naturally after the birth of her first daughter. She went to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists to help her have three more daughters. “It seemed like this procedure was exactly what I needed. I could carry the baby. Getting pregnant was the difficult part.”


Appreciated the Transparency

These parents had been trying to have a family for a few years before they found Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists. “I appreciated the transparency. It went as smoothly as anyone could hope that it would be. We got quick answers and got into the cycle quickly. It went really smooth and we were happy about that.”

–Couple with twin girls

Big Time Success

This father had a prior vasectomy but now wanted to conceive. These parents came to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists for help with having their baby. After a vasectomy reversal and an two IVF cycles they were able to have their own baby girl. “We did one [cycle] and it did not work. We took a couple of months and tried to do it again. It was a big time success.”

–Couple with baby girl

Everyone Was Cheering Us On

These parents had been trying to get pregnant naturally for seven years before coming to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists. After their second treatment they had healthy twin boys. “Having supportive people like you [Dr. Moffitt], the nurses, and the assistants – everyone was so supportive. That was really important to us. Everyone was always cheering us on and had a positive attitude.”

–Couple with twin boys

Couple has a baby with IVF and PGS after seven years of fertility treatments

Eric and Tina struggled through seven years of infertility treatments and four failed IUIs before they were referred to Dr. Moffitt of Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS). Knowing what they do now, Eric and Tina say they would have done IVF with preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) five years earlier.

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Does PCOS affect fertility?

Shannon and Justin share their struggle with PCOS and infertility with Dr. Drew Moffitt of Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS) on Your Life A to Z with Lisa Haffner. Beautiful baby Lilly makes her debut with her happy parents!

– Shannon & Justin

Semen analysis reveals infertility

One couple brings their new baby boy back to Arizona Reproductive Medicine (ARMS) to discuss their success with IVF after male and female fertility testing. After a normal HSG and a semen analysis that revealed male infertility, they were referred to ARMS for fertility treatment. Undergoing IVF, they were happy to announce they were pregnant after three short months!

– Couple referred to ARMS

Getting pregnant didn’t come easily

This mom knew she wanted to have a family, but it wasn’t happening naturally. Her first visit to ARMS she knew she wanted to see Dr. Moffitt for his simplicity and honesty of presenting facts, problems and positives as well as the explanation of technical aspects in ways that were easy to understand. “Everyone is so nice and so understanding of the pressure you’re under.”

– Excited mom

Known male factor infertility prior to treatment

After pursuing fertility treatment at different locations with trying and difficult experiences, this couple with known male factor infertility was referred to ARMS and decided to give treatment one last shot. “I immediately had a good feeling it was going to be different. Everything that seemed to be painful including additional shots and other medications, procedures… we were reassured and never had to go through them.” Comforting nurses and staff helped this couple avoid giving up or losing hope on their dream of a family and eleven months later, they are happy parents to two little angels.

– Parents of two angel babies