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IUI vs. IVF – The Real Chance of Getting Pregnant

How IUI treatment compares to IVF – is it worth your time and money?

For many years, intrauterine insemination (IUI) was felt to be the best first choice of treatment in patients who have unexplained infertility or mild problems with the fallopian tubes or sperm. Arizona Reproductive Medicine (ARMS) has made significant advances in the cost effectiveness of in vitro fertilization (IVF) through higher IVF success rates and innovations in treatment medications and efficiency. IVF now far exceeds IUI as the best first choice of treatment for all age groups.
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The facts on IVF versus IUI

Only 30 percent of patients who receive 100 mg of Clomiphene a day will produce more than three follicles. Patients that produce less than than three follicles have about half the chance of getting pregnant than those that produce greater than three follicles. Patients that receive fertility medications but do not do an insemination have only half the success rates compared to those who do.

The real chance of getting pregnant

Chart Key:
More cost effective than IVF
Less cost effective than IVF
Oral Medications Only (Without IUI) Oral Medications (With IUI) Gentle IVF
First Try Three Tries First Try Three Tries First Try
Cost: (Includes Medications) $302 $906 $1,012 $3,036 $6,250
Age <35 5.3% 14.9% 10.1% 27.1% 57%
Age 35-37 3.6% 12.4% 6.5% 21.8% 52%
Age 38-40 2.0% 5.7% 3.3% 9.4% 44%

What this means

The chance of getting pregnant with just medications is very low.  It is also very inexpensive so it is the more cost effective fertility treatment in younger patients. In all other situations, Gentle IVF gives you a far better chance of pregnancy and is a better use of your money.

Gentle IVF

It’s not a treatment, it’s a philosophy.

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