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IVF Informed Consent Videos

IVF Informed Consent Videos

The Instructional Video Completion form is to ensure that you have watched all necessary instructional videos meant to give you the appropriate information about IVF Risks.

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Informed Consent for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Risks

IVF can feel daunting as patients contemplate the different steps of the procedure. Dr. Drew Moffitt explains the series of simple steps involved in IVF, the risks of the procedure and how patients can feel confident moving forward.

IVF Informed Consent: Adverse Reaction to Medication

The majority of medications taken by patients during IVF are higher amounts of natural hormones that exist in the body. Dr. Drew Moffitt discusses what to expect with normal reactions to ovarian stimulation medication, as well as long-term risks and areas of concern.

IVF Informed Consent: Egg Retrieval Complications

Dr. Drew Moffitt discusses how the egg retrieval procedure is done through an ultrasound probe, as well as complications that may occur and post-procedure care.

IVF Informed Consent: Laboratory Risks

During the IVF process, imprinting disorders and problems with fertilization or embryo development can occur. Dr. Drew Moffitt discusses ways to prevent laboratory risks that may be associated with each of these factors.

IVF Informed Consent: Ovarian Hyperstimulation

Dr. Drew Moffitt discusses the normal ovarian responses that can occur during IVF, as well as the abnormal responses, such as ovarian hyperstimulation. Steps ARMS takes for prevention of abnormal reactions include pre-cycle testing, documenting luteinizing hormone levels, careful dosing of medications and close monitoring.

IVF Informed Consent: General IVF Consent Form Review

Dr. Drew Moffitt reviews IVF informed consent forms.

IVF Informed Consent: Transfer Policy

Dr. Drew Moffitt reviews ARMS transfer policy.

IVF Informed Consent: Cryopreservation Participation Agreement

Dr. Drew Moffitt discusses ARMS cryopreservation program participation agreement.