“Always on time with appointment times. Dr. Moffitt was very calm and made us feel at easy and confident through the entire process.”

– The Wechslers in Phoenix

“I was recommended to Dr. Moffitt by a friend, after having failed treatment at another practice. We wanted a second chance, and Dr. Moffitt gave us that. He didn’t care about his practice statistics, as I had a low chance of success. He did everything to customize our care to give us a successful outcome. Everyone at the office is amazing. This journey isn’t easy, but they make it as pleasant as possible. I will be forever grateful for the care they gave us to create our much wanted family.”

– C.N. in Phoenix

Second Family

“Everyone is so kind and friendly. Whenever I had questions they were answered promptly. ARMS has become our second family.”

– Ashley S. in Phoenix

This Procedure Was Exactly What I Needed

Amanda knew she wanted to have a larger family, but it wasn’t happening naturally after the birth of her first daughter. She went to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists to help her have three more daughters. “It seemed like this procedure was exactly what I needed. I could carry the baby. Getting pregnant was the difficult part.”


Appreciated the Transparency

These parents had been trying to have a family for a few years before they found Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists. “I appreciated the transparency. It went as smoothly as anyone could hope that it would be. We got quick answers and got into the cycle quickly. It went really smooth and we were happy about that.”

–Couple with twin girls

Big Time Success

This father had a prior vasectomy but now wanted to conceive. These parents came to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists for help with having their baby. After a vasectomy reversal and an two IVF cycles they were able to have their own baby girl. “We did one [cycle] and it did not work. We took a couple of months and tried to do it again. It was a big time success.”

–Couple with baby girl

Everyone Was Cheering Us On

These parents had been trying to get pregnant naturally for seven years before coming to Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists. After their second treatment they had healthy twin boys. “Having supportive people like you [Dr. Moffitt], the nurses, and the assistants – everyone was so supportive. That was really important to us. Everyone was always cheering us on and had a positive attitude.”

–Couple with twin boys

Couple has a baby with IVF and PGS after seven years of fertility treatments

Eric and Tina struggled through seven years of infertility treatments and four failed IUIs before they were referred to Dr. Moffitt of Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS). Knowing what they do now, Eric and Tina say they would have done IVF with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) five years earlier.

Read video transcription

Does PCOS affect fertility?

Shannon and Justin share their struggle with PCOS and infertility with Dr. Drew Moffitt of Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS) on Your Life A to Z with Lisa Haffner. Beautiful baby Lilly makes her debut with her happy parents!

– Shannon & Justin

Semen analysis reveals infertility

One couple brings their new baby boy back to Arizona Reproductive Medicine (ARMS) to discuss their success with IVF after male and female fertility testing. After a normal HSG and a semen analysis that revealed male infertility, they were referred to ARMS for fertility treatment. Undergoing IVF, they were happy to announce they were pregnant after three short months!

– Couple referred to ARMS

Getting pregnant didn’t come easily

This mom knew she wanted to have a family, but it wasn’t happening naturally. Her first visit to ARMS she knew she wanted to see Dr. Moffitt for his simplicity and honesty of presenting facts, problems and positives as well as the explanation of technical aspects in ways that were easy to understand. “Everyone is so nice and so understanding of the pressure you’re under.”

– Excited mom

Known male factor infertility prior to treatment

After pursuing fertility treatment at different locations with trying and difficult experiences, this couple with known male factor infertility was referred to ARMS and decided to give treatment one last shot. “I immediately had a good feeling it was going to be different. Everything that seemed to be painful including additional shots and other medications, procedures… we were reassured and never had to go through them.” Comforting nurses and staff helped this couple avoid giving up or losing hope on their dream of a family and eleven months later, they are happy parents to two little angels.

– Parents of two angel babies

Seeking help at a fertility seminar results in a free IVF cycle

“We have been married for 9 years and have tried to have a baby for about 6 of those years. There have been tears, stress, and feelings of being broken as we watched others build a family. After so many years of being denied our dream, we finally decided that despite financial struggles, it was time to seek help.

We did some research and saw that ARMS was having a free informational seminar. When we arrived we were told about the free IVF drawing, but we didn’t think we stood a chance and soon forgot about it. The seminar was wonderful and we instantly felt comfortable with the doctors and staff. Suddenly we had a team and we were no longer alone in our mission to start a family!

After consulting with a doctor at ARMS, we spoke with our dear friend and he graciously loaned us the money to begin the testing process, as our insurance does not cover anything related to fertility.

Then last week, we received the incredible news that ARMS had the drawing and that we had WON the Free IVF Cycle! We were in shock! We had completely forgotten about the drawing and were trying to figure out how to finance our treatment. It took a while to absorb the enormity of winning something that could potentially change our lives, and for the better! Our close friends and families were also thrilled to hear the news. They have been so supportive over the years and it was a joy to share our happiness with them.

We are so grateful to ARMS for doing this drawing and for showing how much they really care about building families. Our 10th Anniversary is coming up next year and we’re praying that we will be blessed with the best present of all.

To all those struggling with the challenge of infertility, we send you our warmest thoughts and prayers. May our news bring you some hope. May grace, good fortune and unexpected kindness visit your lives.”

– H & B, Phoenix

Care & support made all the difference

“Thank you and your entire staff! Not only for helping us have our dream come true of having a baby. Out for your team s extreme love, care and support for us as we went through the entire process. 1 truly believe it made ail of the difference!”

“Unlike other clinics that we went to in the area. ARMS treated us like family and went above and beyond to ensure we felt comfortable and aware of the choices we had along the way.”

– The Williams Family

We have a beautiful little girl

“The doctors and staff at ARMS were extremely caring, professional and talented. My husband and I were well-informed throughout the process, making a stressful situation more manageable. We have a beautiful little girl as a result of their efforts. We could not be more blessed.”

– Michelle in Phoenix

Made the switch to ARMS

“We switched to this office after two failed attempts. From the first day I met with Dr. Moffitt, I felt like he genuinely cared about our situation and what we’ve been through and took all things into consideration before proceeding with treatment.

He was very thorough with everything and I feel like he went above and beyond. All the staff members here have been amazing and truly made me feel cared for. Shana is a caring and the sweetest nurse who helped keep me sane through this difficult process.”

– Jaclyn in Phoenix

After two miscarriages, now parents to a beautiful baby boy

“We are so grateful for Dr. Moffitt and our nurse Shana. Throughout our whole process they were nice and helpful in answering our questions and concerns. After two miscarriages we thought our chance of being parents would never happen.

With the help of Dr. Moffitt we are now parents to a beautiful baby boy. Words cannot express how thankful we are to have him and how thankful we are to everyone at ARMS”

– Stacey

Your staff is wonderful

“Your staff is wonderful, a great team of people that are always nice. Dr. Moffitt is a little reserved, but he is who he is and we don’t want him to change. He and his knowledge are a blessing for many of us!”

– B & L M, Phoenix

Great attitudes!

“All of the staff are very knowledgeable, kind, friendly, happy with great attitudes! ARMS makes us feel comfortable during a stressful time.”

– A happy patient

Everyone was uplifting & always smiling

“Our experience at ARMS was really good. All of the ladies here answered all of our questions. Everyone that works here was very uplifting and always smiling at, which made us feel comfortable and we truly thank you all for all you have done for us. We just pray everything goes well. Thanks again from the Smiths.”

– Smiths

Shana, you rock!

“Everyone was very helpful through the process! Shana, you rock! We have no complaints!”

– B. Yawitz