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Path to Parenthood: Father’s Day Reflections

It can be hard to see where the path to parenthood will lead

Dad and son to celebrate Father’s Day | Arizona Reproductive Medical SpecialistsMy second son was married last weekend. My third out of four to do so. There were many special moments and special memories but one of my favorites was their first dance. I am far too old to recognize the song they chose. But I can close my eyes and see their smiles as they glide across the dance floor. I began to cry. No particular reason. Or too many reasons to list. So much joy and gratitude for the journey I have been allowed to take with my little boy….

When you are standing at the beginning of that journey you simply cannot comprehend it. The incredible blessing that it will be in your life.

Your journey to fatherhood

When you are contemplating beginning the journey to fatherhood, or you want to begin that journey and infertility gets in the way, it can sometimes seem easier to convince yourself that it is no big deal. That if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. And if not….. “Father” is not an indispensable title.

If you are a “Father-to-be”, and the journey seems too long or too hard, I wish I could give you my memory of that moment when my son and his beautiful bride were gliding along that dance floor. Most of all, I wish I could give you the feelings of my heart so that you would have the hope and the heart to square your shoulders and press on.

Maybe if you close your eyes and imagine that moment in the future, you will be able to open them with a greater conviction to turn that vision into a reality.

Though the title of “Father” is not an indispensable title, it is a worthy one. One worth fighting for and being worthy of.

Happy Father’s Day to all “Fathers-to-be.” May you have success and the beautiful memories it will bring.