Happy Thanksgiving!

A delicious looking Happy Thanksgiving turkey | Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists | Phoenix

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for many things. At work, I am grateful to be working at a time when I can do so much more for my patients. I remember when I started in infertility over 25 years ago, pregnancy rates were about 25 percent in our youngest patients. Now they are over 50 percent!

It is interesting however, how our attitudes back then compare to now. Back then, we celebrated our successes more because they were less frequent.

We did not beat ourselves up much about our failures because they were the norm, not the exception. Now things are very different.

We still celebrate our successes but perhaps not as much as we should. More significantly, we agonize over our failures much, much more than we did in the past. I think this is an important lesson for this Thanksgiving.

Because we live in a time when we have so much, we can tend to take it for granted and focus on the negative. We can focus too much on what is wrong with us and not enough on what is right with us.

We need to be kinder to ourselves and others and remember that what was a miracle 25 years ago is still a miracle today.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Moffitt