The Needless Downside of Egg Donation Agencies

Most donors want to help a woman have a child, but egg donor agencies are usually in it for the money.

Financial burden of egg donor agencies | Arizona Reproductive Medicine | Credit card reader

Not too long ago I had a very disappointing sequence of events play out at our clinic that underscored a sad reality in the donor egg world.

I had a donor that had signed up and completed a donation at ARMS. She did a great job and we were looking forward to working with her again. She informed us that she wanted to donate the next time through an egg donation agency.

A donor egg agency is an egg recruiter company. They do not provide any treatment. They advertise to recruit donors and then charge donor egg recipients a fee for their services.

We were discouraged that this donor was not going to donate with us, but then were surprised to learn that a patient of ours that needed donor eggs had chosen her as her donor. The end result was that the recipient patient that needed the donor eggs ended up paying in excess of $3,000 more for her cycle, just because the donor had chosen to donate through a donor agency that charged excessive administrative fees.

Egg donation agencies increase your financial burden

What we want is to help our patients have a baby. We make our money by successfully treating patients. What most donors want is to give the gift of life to another woman desperately wanting to have a baby.

Donor agencies do nothing to help make that a reality. They simply attract donors away from the fertility clinics that do not charge extra administrative fees and increase the financial burden on patients.