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Medical Tourism From California for Our Affordable IVF Costs

Welcoming Californian medical tourists seeking lower cost fertility treatment and excellent IVF success rates

California is a wonderful state with something for everyone. But the cost of living there is high, from housing to taxes to fertility treatments. Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists continues to welcome many cross-border patients from California struggling to conceive.

California is one of the 19 states requiring health insurance companies to offer some form of infertility treatment coverage, which helps those with a diagnosis of infertility. But paying for in vitro fertilization treatment (IVF) is not provided in this type of coverage.

California IVF cost vs. ARMS’ Phoenix IVF cost

According to Fertility IQ, the total IVF costs for one cycle in San Francisco is $24,749 and $25,883 in Los Angeles. The total cost at ARMS for one cycle of our Optimal IVF ranges from $14,975 to $17,725, depending on the medications needed. Like many other purchases, it pays to shop around. And we offer additional IVF treatment packages that lower the cost even more (see further below).

We encourage California medical tourists needing fertility treatment to look east to neighboring Arizona and the vacation destination cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale. ARMS, with offices in Phoenix and the East Valley, offers a medical tourism program for residents of California that includes affordable, state-of-the-art infertility treatment in a beautiful vacation destination.

Our physicians, both board certified in reproductive endocrinology & infertility, attentive nurses and new-patient coordinator all provide warm, empathetic care. We will promptly answer any questions our California medical tourism patients have about their care plan and traveling to us for their treatment.

We work with each patient to devise an effective treatment plan for that individual, considering costs, the cause of infertility and personal preferences. Once we all agreed on the treatment plan, we’ll schedule those steps as conveniently as possible for our out-of-state patients. We’ll also work with the patient’s OB/GYN or family doctor for elements of care that help limit the number of travel trips to our office.

Medical tourism for our excellent IVF success rates

In vitro fertilization is the most successful infertility treatment and it is the treatment those struggling with infertility are the most likely to travel to obtain. IVF success rates as reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology are a key consideration when patients select a fertility clinic.

Our mission for more than 25 years has been to deliver the highest possible IVF success rates in a cost-effective manner that is both personal and sensitive to each patient’s needs. We continually improve our IVF success.

Our live birth rate per new patient with no prior assisted reproductive technology cycles and after the first egg retrieval was 65% in 2020 for women under age 35. We are very proud of our success rates. Patients can best utilize IVF success rate information by comparing their personal situation and age with the results of others in the same situation.

Our IVF Success Rates


We encourage Californians not to give up on their dream of a family because of the high cost of treatment. Even adding in travel and accommodation costs, patients can come out with a net savings of potentially thousands of dollars when traveling to ARMS from California for fertility treatments. The initial consult can even be completed via phone or video conference.


ARMS IVF options reduce fertility treatment costs even further

We offer different IVF packages that cost less than our Optimal IVF price quoted above. Our $9,900 Non-Refundable IVF Cycle Program offers a single cycle with some costs such as medications not included.

$9,900 Non-Refundable IVF Cycle

Our Gentle IVF, also known as mini IVF, includes fewer medications, blood draws and ultrasounds. The cost is $4,800, without medications, some outside charges and diagnostics.

Gentle IVF

Other cost-effective IVF programs include Shared Hope IVF, Military and First Responder IVF discount programs and a 3-cycle comprehensive refund program. We offer other discount programs as well.

ARMS works with several financing companies, offering options for all fertility treatments, including IVF financing & medication financing. Our new-patient coordinator can help patients with additional information about financing fertility treatments.

When planning a family, we encourage Californians to include the option of fertility treatments at ARMS before making a final decision. Of course, we welcome residents from other states or countries as well. 

Phoenix/Scottsdale medical tourism travel planner

We’ve included the helpful travel planner below for those considering ARMS for fertility treatments. 

Getting here

Our office is conveniently located near downtown Phoenix and is only seven miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Drive time from Los Angeles or San Diego to Phoenix is about 5 1/2 hours. 

See the sites

Phoenix is one of the most beautiful destination vacation spots in the United States, filled with top rated golf courses, historic sites & towns, healing spas, excellent shopping, sightseeing tours, vineyards and the awesome Grand Canyon.

Relaxing resorts

We help patients combine ARMS infertility treatment with great resorts in Arizona. We have made arrangements with two beautiful local resorts to offer a discounted corporate rate. Once patients make their appointment, we provide them with the corporate code for a discount when making resort reservations. These rates are available for any of our patients who travel to ARMS from out-of-town.

Short-term rentals

Looking for relaxing private accommodations? Want to feel at home while visiting ARMS? Search available properties on popular short-term rentals apps. Below are options:

In-town transportation

Medical tourism patients can arrange car service instead of renting a car. Below are a few choices:


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