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The egg freezing process allows women to postpone starting a family. Egg freezing has been available as an elective procedure in the United States since 2012 and is growing in popularity.

The egg freezing and thawing processes are the most difficult aspects of fertility preservation, so selecting a trusted fertility clinic to freeze your eggs is essential for later success. ARMS has been freezing eggs since the technology has become clinically available. As part of one of the largest and most successful egg banks in the United States, ARMS has a strict quality control surveillance process. Part of the ARMS quality control process is making sure our frozen eggs result in live births.

For four years, Donor Egg Bank (DEB) USA has recognized ARMS egg freezing expertise and presented the practice with an award for having the highest pregnancy rate in the nation at DEB USA.


Only clinics that engage in this type of rigorous quality control, using eggs from a large egg bank, can represent that they have a successful fertility preservation program. When evaluating fertility clinics that freeze eggs, patients should look for proven success and work with a clinic that has a track record of successfully thawing previously frozen eggs, a critically important step. At ARMS we routinely and successfully thaw eggs we’ve previously frozen.

Egg freezing process at ARMS with the Fountain Method

ARMS offers several egg freezing packages as part of what we refer to as the Fountain Method. Like the Fountain of Youth, it helps women retain the vitality of youth through preservation of their eggs for later use.

One cycle egg freezing costs

  • One-time payment is $6,000 + $99/month storage.

Multicycle plan for egg freezing

  • $10,900 + $99/month.

Not only are ARMS patients able to freeze their eggs at ARMS, but we also have an egg freezing package available for women who are willing to donate or share their eggs through our Shared Hope IVF Program.

The egg freezing options listed above are available to all patients regardless of their ethnic background.

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Freeze and share program

Intended parents needing donating eggs often choose egg donors with a similar ethnic or cultural background. As there are fewer available donors for certain ethnic groups, egg donors from these groups are in high demand.

ARMS is currently seeking egg donors who are of Asian descent. Asian women who freeze their eggs at ARMS can cryopreserve their eggs for later use at no cost when they participate in our freeze and share program.

Interested in ARMS freeze and share program? Contact us to get started.


Meet our IVF nurse coordinator

Ching-Mei Lin, ARMS IVF Nurse CoordinatorChing-Mei Lin is the IVF nurse coordinator at Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists and has over ten years’ experience as an IVF nurse coordinator.

Ching-Mei is trilingual: In addition to English she speaks Chinese/Mandarin and Taiwanese and can translate for our Mandarin and Taiwanese speaking patients.

Meet Ching-Mei

Donate your eggs

Are you unsure about freezing your own eggs but still want to help others realize their parenthood dreams? You can help others and get compensated for your time and effort in donating your eggs at ARMS. Donate all eggs retrieved and receive $5,000 per retrieval.

Learn more about egg donation at ARMS | Egg donor application