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The Fountain Method of Freezing Eggs

Fertility preservation program

The Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants to hang on to their youth. This is especially important when it comes to your ability to have a baby. When you are under age 35, your eggs are viable and healthy. The younger the better. As you age, the baby-making potential of your eggs decreases rapidly. But you can create your own fertility Fountain of Youth by freezing eggs while you are young.

Last thing on your mind? Not really. You go to the gym. You eat right. You’re building your career. You are doing everything you can now to have a bright future. How bright will that future be without the family you dream of? Help make that dream come true by taking just a little time now to freeze eggs for the future.

  • Treatment takes as few as four visits over two weeks.
  • Programs as low as NO MONEY DOWN and $129* a month.

Proven quality you can trust: Cumulative ongoing pregnancy rate 71.4%*

*(5/17-4/18,n=28), certified by Donor Egg Bank USA, one of the largest egg banks in the United States.


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Find a plan that fits for freezing eggs

It is projected that the optimal number of eggs needed to be cryopreserved to provide the optimal chance for success in the future is 20 mature eggs. Many people are committed to freezing the optimal number of eggs but will not be able to achieve this from one egg retrieval.

We encourage all patients considering elective fertility preservation to make this their goal. The fountain method program will help them achieve this goal. Some women can yield up to 20 eggs in one cycle. But for most women, reaching that optimal number will take more than one retrieval cycle. Our multicycle plan may be the best option for them, offering up to three retrievals.

To qualify for the multicycle plan, the patient must have an anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) level of 2.0 or greater.

One cycle freezing eggs plan

  • One-time payment is $6,000 + $99/month storage.
  • Shared Hope IVF Program, allows you to give the incredible gift of life to a family while freezing your eggs.

ARMS Shared Hope IVF Program

Share the hope of having a family with another couple. Receive a discount on your IVF treatment by donating some of your eggs.

ARMS Shared Hope

Optional payment plans

  • Elective fertility preservation is $2,500 down payment + $169 for 48 months.
  • Non-elective fertility preservation* is $1,500 + $189 for 48 months.


  • Baseline pelvic ultrasound.
  • Stimulation monitoring.
  • Egg collection procedure.
  • Egg freezing (vitrification) procedure.

Does not include

Multicycle plan for freezing eggs

  • $10,900 + $99/month

Optional payment plan

  • Payment plans are available through our outside vendor arrangement. No in-house payment plan is available.


  • Up to three egg retrieval cycles as needed to reach 20 mature eggs frozen. Once 20 mature eggs are frozen, no additional egg retrieval cycles will be provided.
  • Baseline pelvic ultrasound.
  • Stimulation monitoring.
  • Egg collection procedure.
  • Egg freezing (vitrification) procedure.

Does not include

  • Diagnostic testing.
  • Stimulation medications.
  • Anesthesia fee.

* Non-elective fertility preservation

This refers to patients who need fertility preservation because they have a severe medical condition that requires treatment that will result in a high probability of significant destruction of the supply of eggs in the ovary. The most common example is cancer requiring chemotherapy.

We feel these patients face a significant immediate challenge that requires prompt action before the funds might be available. For this reason, we have lowered the fee for treatment. It is our hope that the patient’s insurance or nonprofit foundations will assist with the cost of the medications.