The Fountain Method

Fertility preservation program

The Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants to hang on to their youth. This is especially important when it comes to your ability to have a baby. When you are under 35, your eggs are amazing. The younger the better. As you age the baby making potential of your eggs decreases rapidly. Now you can create your own fertility Fountain of Youth by freezing eggs while you are young.

Where should you freeze your eggs?

You need to freeze your eggs at a center with proven results that you can trust. Many clinics say that they can freeze eggs but have absolutely no real outcome data to support that claim.  The only centers that can claim to have proven quality are centers that are part of a large egg bank.  Only these clinics are freezing and thawing enough eggs on a regular basis to know if the eggs they freeze actually result in pregnancies. Egg freezing is the most difficult procedure in a fertility clinic.  Strict quality control and quality assurance programs are the only way to achieve excellent outcomes.  ARMS is part of Donor Egg Bank USA and has been freezing eggs since the technology was first introduced.  Come to ARMS for quality you can trust!

Proven Quality you can trust:   Cumulative ongoing Pregnancy rate 71.4% (5/17-4/18,n=28)*

*Certified by Donor Egg Bank USA, one of the largest egg banks in the US.

Why should I freeze my eggs now?

Last thing on your mind? Not really. You go to the gym. You eat right. You are building your career. You are doing everything you can now to have a bright future. How bright will that future be without the family you dream of? Help make that dream come true by taking a little time now to freeze eggs for the future.

  • Treatment takes as little as four visits over two weeks
  • Programs as low as no money down and $159 a month
  • Call us at 602-343-ARMS to schedule a consultation.