The Fountain Method

The Fountain Method | Fountain of Youth

Fertility preservation program

The Fountain of Youth. Everyone wants to hang on to their youth. This is especially important when it comes to your ability to have a baby. When you are under 35, your eggs are amazing. The younger the better. As you age the baby making potential of your eggs decreases rapidly. Now you can create your own fertility Fountain of Youth by freezing eggs while you are young.

Why should I freeze my eggs now?

Last thing on your mind? Not really. You go to the gym. You eat right. You are building your career. You are doing everything you can now to have a bright future. How bright will that future be without the family you dream of? Help make that dream come true by taking a little time now to freeze eggs for the future.

  • Treatment takes as little as four visits over two weeks
  • Programs as low as no money down and $159 a month
  • Call us at 602-343-ARMS to schedule a free phone consultation.

Find a plan that fits

One time payment

$7,155 + $99/month storage

Price with the Shared Hope Program*: $2,500 + $99/month storage

Payment plan

$169 for 48 months + $4,400 down payment (includes four years of paid storage)

Price with the Shared Hope Program*: $159 for 48 months with no down payment (includes four years of paid storage)

The Fountain Method program includes

  • Baseline pelvic ultrasound
  • Ovarian stimulation medications
  • Stimulation monitoring
  • Egg collection procedure
  • Egg freezing (vitrification) procedure

*Shared Hope Program

There are many women who desperately want a baby but do not have the eggs to do it. Our Shared Hope Program allows you to give the incredible gift of life to a family while allowing them to help you prepare for the future so that you never face the challenges they do. A healthy woman less than 29 years of age will produce 18 eggs on average from the fertility preservation process. You agree to donate six eggs from the ones that you produce and keep all the rest for yourself. Patients must meet all screening criteria and testing to qualify to be an egg donor.