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Treatment at a Utah Fertility Center or at Our Arizona Clinic?

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists welcomes patients considering a Utah fertility center with affordable IVF cost & excellent IVF success rates

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS) continues to draw patients from Utah who need our assistance to have a family. Our entire staff is happy to provide patients from Utah with excellent care tailored to the needs of each couple and individual.

Dr. Drew Moffitt, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ensures his patients are always well informed on all infertility treatment options, prospects for individual success and what to expect in treatment costs. ARMS coordinates with Utah patients’ local doctors to provide monitoring and other services that can be fulfilled near the patient’s home.

  • ARMS doctors are board certified in reproductive endocrinology & infertility.
  • Before coming to us for care, we answer all questions Utah patients have about treatment and travelling to ARMS.
  • Together we agree on an effective treatment plan for each couple or individual. This will include their preferences, financial situation and their cause of infertility.
  • We’ll schedule those steps as conveniently as possible for Utah patients.
  • Travelling to our offices is very affordable with Allegiant Air flights from Utah to our area.
  • Telemedicine visits also help in providing care to our out-of-state patients. We can also conduct initial consultations via telemedicine or by phone.

Utah fertility center IVF cost vs. ARMS’ Phoenix IVF cost

The average Utah fertility center IVF cost for one cycle is about $15,000. This is comparable to the cost of our Optimal IVF (in vitro fertilization).

What ARMS offers that other Utah fertility clinics may not are lower cost IVF options. We understand the financial commitment this treatment entails and have options that are appropriate for many couples experiencing infertility.

Listed below are several treatment programs, discounts and financial packages and services. From novel shared IVF programs to special discounts, money-back guarantees and financing options, ARMS offers treatment cost options that may not be avail at Utah fertility centers.

Both states do not mandate fertility insurance coverage for IVF and other treatments. ARMS has fertility insurance experts who can help Utah patients understand any employer benefits they have and help them apply for those benefits.

ARMS IVF packages & mini IVF may not be available at Utah fertility centers

Many patients are good candidates for our Non-Refundable IVF Cycle Program. If we and the patients determine that they have good chances of being successful with one IVF attempt, this program may be a good fit.

This $9,900 program is a single IVF treatment cycle (one egg retrieval, lab fertilization and embryo implantation). Medication costs and a few other services are not included in this price.

$9,900 Non-Refundable IVF Cycle

Mini IVF (Gentle IVF)

Our Gentle IVF treatment reduces costs considerably as well as time spent in evaluations and monitoring. Importantly for many couples, Gentle IVF does not affect the mother’s system as much as standard IVF treatments.

Gentle IVF, which is often called mini IVF, involves fewer ovulation stimulating drugs, less blood testing and fewer ultrasound evaluations. Our Gentle IVF cost is $4,800, excluding medications, which are reduced in Gentle IVF. There are additional charges for outside services and diagnostic testing.

Gentle IVF

Shared Hope IVF

Help another couple struggling to conceive and have your own ARMS IVF cost reduced. With our Shared Hope IVF Program, you can donate some of your eggs retrieved during your IVF to another couple through Donor Egg Bank (DEB) USA. For $1,500 + the costs of medications, patients receive the first 6 mature eggs and the remaining eggs are donated to DEB USA.

Shared Hope IVF

Military & first responder IVF discounts – save 50%

We appreciate service to the nation and communities. Those in the military and first responders in communities dealing with infertility can receive at ARMS one IVF cycle for $5,500. See the links below for additional details.

Those eligible for the Military IVF Discount are active military, honorably discharged personnel, and career and retired service members from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Military IVF Discount

Eligible first responders are EMTs, police and firefighters.

First Responder IVF Discount

Other fertility treatment discount and financing offerings

WINFertility treatment discounts can save patients up to $6,800. It’s exclusively available in Arizona to ARMS patients. To enroll in the WINFertility Program or learn more, call toll free 1(855) 705-4IVF (4483) or visit

Shared Help Program offers financial help based on patient financial needs.

Arizona IVF Money-Back Guarantee provides all treatments necessary with a money-back guarantee of a live birth.

IVF financing options are available from several lenders, including Prosper Healthcare Lending, CapexMD, First Steps, United Medical Credit and more.

We give Utah patients all the help they need in evaluating the financial options and discount offerings. Our new patient coordinator helps each Utah patient with those considerations.

Outstanding ARMS IVF success rates

IVF is the most successful infertility treatment and the one Utah residents are most likely to want to travel to obtain. Reputable clinics, including ARMS, report their IVF success rates to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

IVF success rates are a fundamental factor in selecting ARMS over a Utah fertility center. After all, success at building your family is the objective.

For new patients with the woman under 35 years of age who haven’t done IVF before, our live birth rate after the first egg retrieval was 69.4% in 2021. To most effectively utilize the IVF success rate information below, patients should compare their age and medical situation with the results of others in a similar situation.

Our IVF Success Rates

Phoenix medical tourism travel planner

Our Phoenix office is near the downtown Phoenix area about seven miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Our East Valley office is about seven miles from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.
Allegiant Air offers low-cost flights from the Provo Airport to both the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

Patients can enjoy the Phoenix area as a vacation spot, with golf courses, historic sites, excellent shopping, tours and sightseeing options and the nearby Grand Canyon. We have discounted corporate rates for our patients at two beautiful local resorts: The Scott Resort and Embassy Suites Biltmore.

In-town transportation


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