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Arizona IVF Money-Back Guarantee

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Comprehensive refund program

Infertility can be a long and stressful journey to parenthood. The ARMS team understands the stresses that can come with dealing with the causes of infertility.

Financial stress can be at the top of that list, and ARMS is pleased to provide relief and peace of mind with its 100% refund program.

The ARMS Comprehensive Refund Program is designed to give patients every opportunity to take home a baby while resting easy financially. The ARMS Comprehensive Refund Program offers the full spectrum of treatment with a guarantee for a live birth or your money back. The program offers easy and quick enrollment so that you can focus on treatment and success.

Noted below are quick facts regarding the program. We encourage you to call ARMS’ Financial Counselor at (602) 351-5327 for details. Unlike other providers in the area, we are pleased to provide you with program details up front and over the phone.

Program criteria

To be eligible for the program, certain clinical criteria must be met. Testing/labs are required to determine if patients qualify for this program. Previous labs may need to be repeated. Clinical criteria include:

  • AMH > 2.5
  • FSH < 8.0
  • BMI < 30
  • Normal SHG
  • No history of recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Motile sperm in the ejaculate
  • No history of smoking

To participate in the program, the following financial criteria must be met

This program is for self-pay patients only. No insurance coverage can be applied to this program. The Program Cost must be paid in full prior to treatment commencement. Financing is available through American Healthcare Lending.

The ARMS Financial Counselor will gladly assist patients with funding applications. In order to be eligible for the 100% refund, patients must complete all phases of the program, including the donor cycle. If a participant chooses to withdraw from the program before completing all phases, reimbursement will be for all program costs paid less $8,400. If ARMS terminates the program at any time, then 100% of the paid program costs will be refunded.

To learn more about the Comprehensive Refund Program contact, ARMS at (602) 351-5327 and ask to speak to our Financial Counselor.

Program cost

  • Age < 35 the program cost is $25,250.
  • Age 35-37 the program cost is $27,250.
  • Three (3) IVF cycles using own eggs.
  • All Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs) from these cycles.
  • Plus one donor egg cycle using an ARMS recruited fresh donor.

The frozen embryos from an IVF cycle must be used before another IVF cycle takes place. All cycles will be conducted using PGT technology. The program is not limited to a year, however there can be no longer than 6 months between IVF cycles, unless FET cycles are taking place.
  • Diagnostic tests to prepare for the cycle are not included in the Program Cost.
  • Medications are not included in the Program Cost, but the ARMS clinical team will assist you in applying for medication programs that offer discounts.
  • The lab fees for PGT are not included in the Program Cost.
  • Additionally, all services after the first hCG level when positive are not covered with the Program Cost, however these may be covered by insurance plans.

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