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First Steps: New Patient Credit Program

First Steps new patients receive credit | Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists | Phoenix, AZ

You deserve some credit!

Taking the first step to see an infertility specialist can be difficult. A spectrum of emotions often accompanies this decision. For some, it is easier to put it off rather than to follow through with that initial courageous step of making a new patient appointment. To better assist our patients, and to make sure there is room in our schedule for everyone who wants to be seen right away, we developed the following New Patient Credit Program.

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Introductory visit as low as $99

The initial new patient appointment is $125. However, when you make your new patient appointment, we will credit your account $26, as long as you make it to your first appointment. If you make it to your appointment, the credit will be applied to your new patient visit, bringing the cost down to $99.

Need to reschedule?

Just call more than 5 days before your appointment and inform us that you cannot make it. If you let us know and reschedule more than 5 days in advance of your appointment, the credit will remain on your account.

If you call 5 days or less before the day of your initial appointment to reschedule, we will do that but you will lose the $26 account credit.

If you miss your appointment, you will lose the account credit and you will need to put down a $25 reservation fee in order to reschedule. The reservation fee is nonrefundable, whether you miss, cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Give yourself credit

You deserve credit for pushing forward with your desire for a family. The $26 account credit is our way of helping you on your journey toward parenthood. We’re offering the $26 account credit as an incentive to make it to your scheduled appointment. Our schedule is often full, and we strive to make sure there is room in our schedule for the people who make their appointments as scheduled. We look forward to seeing you soon!