Fertility Treatment & Financing Programs

Check your biological clock

Check Your Biological Clock

Check your Biological Clock for $99. Our exclusive testing can tell what your ovarian reserve is through a blood test, ultrasound and follow up visit.
IVF Guarantee | Arizona Reproductive Medicine

Comprehensive Refund Program

Designed to give patients every opportunity for a baby, while resting easy financially, have a baby or receive 100% of your money back with ARMS' IVF guarantee.
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Discounts & Special Pricing

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists offers many affordable fertility treatment options including discounts and special pricing for single IVF, multi-cycle IVF, returning patients, military, treatment bundles and more.
Multi-Cycle Donor Egg | Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists Programs

Donor Egg Multi-Cycle IVF Programs

Receive a 10% discount for donor egg IVF cycles, including two fresh egg donor cycles and two frozen embryo transfer cycles, so you can have your first baby & possibly another.

Fertility Check-Up

Do know you want a family someday and you have questions about your and/or your partner's fertility? The fertility check includes HSG, semen analysis and ovarian reserve testing to help you plan for your future family.

Free Initial Consultation

Free consultation & second opinions at ARMS. Board-certified infertility specialists will discuss your concerns & questions about fertility treatment.
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IVF Financing Options

We offer several fertility treatment and Rx financing options, including Prosper Healthcare, CapexMD, Lending Club, First Steps, WINFertility, & more.
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Tell A Friend

Refer a friend or family member for IVF with ARMS and they will receive a credit. Help others beginning in their infertility journey to achieve pregnancy.
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Travel Medicine Program

If you are traveling from out of town, ARMS offers partnerships with local resorts and transportation companies to make your journey to build your family as pleasant as possible. ARMS accepts national & international patients for affordable, state-of-the-art infertility treatment & affordable lodging options in Phoenix & East Valley.