Discounts & Special Pricing

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Complete Single IVF, PGS, FET Treatment Bundle

Through IVF/PGS, embryos can be screened in the laboratory for specific chromosomal problems. We can then choose only those embryos thought not to be affected with the condition in question to transfer. By combining services from the start, we offer our patients significant savings.
First Responders IVF Discount | ARMS Fertility

First Responder IVF Discount - $5,500

ARMS would like to thank our first responders by offering a single IVF cycle $5,500 discount to all active members of the police and fire departments.
IVF Ready Discount Program

IVF Ready 20% Discount Program

Are you ready for IVF? Set your start date for IVF during your free new patient visit & save 20% on your IVF cycle (must make payment within five days). And, we make the process simple, too, with new medication and monitoring guidelines. Put your IVF treatment in our caring ARMS.
Low/High-Tech IVF | AZ Fertility Treatments

Low-Tech/High-Tech IVF Treatment Bundle

This affordable program is for patients beginning their fertility treatment journey – starting with “Low-Tech” IUI treatment first, with the option to progress to “High-Tech” IVF, at a 30% savings.
Arizona Fertility Military IVF Discount

Military IVF Discount - $5,500

Grateful for the service of men & women in the Armed Forces the IVF military discount helps couples build a family with a 52% savings over a single IVF cycle.
Arizona Multi-Cycle IVF Discount | ARMS

Multi-Cycle IVF Discount

The Multi-Cycle IVF discount program provides patients pursuing IVF an opportunity to progress through up to three IVF cycles at a 20% discount.
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Patient Loyalty Program - $1,000/off

ARMS offers returning patients a $1,000 savings on additional fertility treatments including IVF & IUI to further build their families.

Single IVF Cycle Program - $8,900

The affordable $8,900 single IVF cycle is open to all patients and includes an entire IVF cycle, monitoring, egg retrieval and more.
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State of Arizona Employee IVF Discount

ARMS is the exclusive provider for infertility services for the state of Arizona employees in Maricopa County, offering a nearly 50% discount on IVF cycles.
WINFertility treatment programs

WINFertility Treatment Discounts

The WINFertility Treatment Program is offered to ARMS patients without infertility insurance coverage or benefits to pay for fertility treatment.